Heptad of Haiku #7

No apologies – just poetry (that’s probably going to be my new mantra for when I don’t have any “blog” content to upload from now on, lol). Hope you enjoy!

Perseverance and

patience put to purpose make

people powerful.


On the other coast,

my friend’s distracted by rain

and banana peels.


Morning storming, bouts

of rain and roaring – I doze

to a symphony.


Red beans and rice with

Andouille sausage: Cajun

before the concert.


Remember It’s all

pieces: the sounds are songs, words

works, shapes and shades art.


The cat smooshes its

face against the glass watching

a caterpillar.


The Sun does not ask

for me to explain sunrise.

Why? It knows itself!

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Heptad of Haiku #6


I have already began my next article, but not had the opportunity to finish it (I’ve started a larger writing project and that has required more of my time, but that’s not really an excuse for not writing entries). That aside though, I am in the position to post some poems, so post some poems I will do 🙂 Here’s the next Heptad!

Texture: Water and

Rock bound in brown and white, made

same by trick of light.


God taps the blank, black

universe with His chalk as

He thinks – stars come out.


Dawn crashes out clouds

like Solo being released

from carbonite freeze.


Stomach rumbling, the

storm pants ‘pon the glass door and

drools from frothing jaws.


I am worried and

shouldn’t be because there’s a

day after midnight.


How warm the soup is.

Warmer than the setting sun.

Warmer than your heart.


Noon heat. Trees threw down

shadows shaped like triumph the

Sun wilted beneath.

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Heptad of Haiku #5


Hoping to have another Quonans post up for you this week. I’ve also been considering adding two other kinds of articles, but haven’t yet decided if I would like to integrate them into my haphazard rotation. However, keep an eye out to see if there’s anything added to the mix of my typical blog shticks! In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this next heptad 😉

The moss wafts like light

upon stained glass – trunks become

chapels in morass.


What scars I have – my

face, my feet – a primitive

beauty, story-steeped.


The acorn shaped moon

makes me wonder if the sky

is made out of oak.


Square sheet of paper:

You are more precise than I

– teach me your talents!


God saw your future

eyes in the shine of fledgling

light on the first fields.


Counting up what’s good

in Life is like counting down

your losses ‘til Death.


Strike a match. The sound

of the scratch as it catches

fire burns your ears.

Quonans: Conan Issue #5 — Yosemite Sam Does Shakespeare

You! Lizard-chaser! Old eater-of-frogs! Here’s cold steel for you – if you’ve a taste for it.” Conan

I have a game that I like to play sometimes. I don’t really have a name for it, but if I had to give it one, I might choose to call it “Yosemite Sam Does Shakespeare”. Here’s how you play.

First, this is usually best enjoyed alongside an amicable audience so, basically, anyone you would normally be willing to share your unfettered thoughts with is going to make a good accomplice to have along for the experience. You know the kind of friends I mean: the ones that everything gets funnier around them the later you stay up past midnight.

Second, this game will require a target you feel comfortable insulting. I prefer to play this while I’m enjoying a cooperative video game with a friend. A sports game, a racing game, a fighting game, something where we are working together in a competitive spirit against a computer with no level of emotional cognizance to be hurt.

Last comes the creative part. It’s easy enough to throw out a curse word for most people, especially when surrounded by others who you know will not react negatively to it (such as close friends). But why not recycle that accepting atmosphere into a place where experimentation is embraced?

Instead of just spitting out the typical array of profanities, the next time you’re around a friend you’re comfortable looking like an idiot in front of, try doing RANDOM WORD COMBINATION INSULTS.

That CPU enemy isn’t a bastard – it’s a q-tip stabbing, vacuum guzzling peroxide bottle.

The level boss just beat you… again? It’s not an SOB. It’s an FMPDwaSfaS: a flyswatter mating plushy doll with a sawblade for a soul!

You’ll be surprised how satisfying it can be to refer to your competitor as a coat hanger.

I mean, yes, at first glance it makes no sense, but if you take the time to super-analyze what you’ve said it can create some rather ridiculously funny psychological extemporization.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this more comical post, find a chance to employ it to your own desires, and feel free to leave a comment with any resultant insults you found particularly pleasing.

As always, here are the additional quotes I found of interest in Conan #5:

  • “Why is everyone running like startled toads?” Conan
  • “I never did like the idea of fleeing like a hare, not while I’ve got a sword-hilt in my fist.” Conan
  • “You! Lizard-chaser! Old eater-of-frogs! Here’s cold steel for you – if you’ve a taste for it.” Conan
  • “We’re poor men, but honest and straightforward. We want Zukala disposed of… and will pay for the privilege.” Stranger “I’m blunt myself. How much?” Conan
  • “We have seen the eons pass floating like burning clouds” Zephra
  • “The last truth that you shall ever know.” Zukala

Heptad of Haiku #4


I spent a little time waiting on posting this next Heptad because I wanted to make sure I put up content of another kind first. This was meant to be something to help give me regular content over short spurts of inactivity on the other blog types, not to be used as an excuse not to produce other work (which is what I was worried I’d started doing). So, now that I have posted one more Quonan, I will reveal a new set of Heptads 🙂 Hope you enjoy!

Fence of trees: Nature’s

gesture to divide Earth and

Sky… but not sunlight.


The arch of your frame;

the arc of my neurons as

they notice; the same.


Lost. Lips a solid

line, straight-faced horizon gives

no clues to find out.


The sky is a blue-

grey-purple bloom atop a

long lightning bolt stem.


Mosquito tracks in

the steam: faint and flitting as

the stamp of breathing.


Lightning’s the bristles

of the brush God uses to

paint the storming sky!


Night is not the start

of dark; it’s the place from whence

Sun begins to spark.

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Quonans: Conan Issue #4

“That is as close a call as I’ve had in a life no-ways tame.” – Conan

I’m a daydreamer. I think a rich fantasy life is healthy. It creates an atmosphere of freedom in which the individual can ponder, calculate and find an almost metaphysical kind of liberation from the rules of reality. You can explore the wealth of the human thought no different than taking a road in a yellow wood.

My real world life is an amalgam of managed excitements. I am a fan of the simple adventure, of searching for the thrills found in buying candy out of all the quarter dispensers in a barber shop or popping into a tobacco store just to look at the pipes (even though I don’t smoke). Walking streets I’ve driven down many times brings a new perspective that I consider a treasure. I will try new classes, go to random events, watch tutorials online: anything that seems interesting is interesting and that which doesn’t has a vantage of interest waiting to be discovered. My real life is composed of small adventures whose costs are low and returns are high.

My internal reality, however, is a life no-ways tame.

In that world, I can meet God face-to-face and not get burnt. In that world I have created many men and women with stories tragic and comedic. I’ve been in wars and taken lives. I’ve backtracked on my thoughts, returning lives to those phantoms which had died. I’ve looked beyond my own death and seen what life was like for those left behind and for those descended from them. I have touched the wilderness of my own consciousness and set out with a sack on a staff like any good vagabond to see what lay on the other side of that dense, dark, beautiful continent.

There are seas and landmasses I have yet to travel upon in my spirit and, if and when I do, I look forward to encountering the environments and finding the people who populate those corners of my soul, too.

You, like me, have your own expanse to conquer. We are all worlds of our own, untamed, complete universes of experience intended for our personal plumbing.

Perhaps one of the reasons I’ve gravitated towards the Conan series is because the landscape of its setting is as epic as the ones I tramp through when I have free moments, car rides, dreams, or pause between paragraphs in a book. As epic as the ones I envision you having. I encourage you to explore yourself, to learn the totality of your own experience and to remember that the adventures you have in your own head are the ones which build the character you exhibit in the terrestrial world.

Living in the wastelands of your mind prepares you for the wastelands of the world we share. So, go forth outlander, find your adventures and then pierce through the shroud which separates imagination and reality to share the bounty of your travels with us all.

Safe journeys, friends!

Now for the rest of the quotes I enjoyed from the fourth issue of Conan:

  • “There is always a way if the desire be coupled with courage.” Conan
  • “Whatever gods Yara may sacrifice to, they are not mine. Great Crom lies on a mountain – and little he cares for what men do with their tiny lives.” Conan
  • “That is as close a call as I’ve had in a life no-ways tame.” Conan
  • “Now climb! Men say that Yara has lived for centuries because of the Elephant’s Heart gem… but even he cannot wait forever for us to come steal it!” Taurus
  • “By fire and rack he mastered me…” Yag-Kosha

Heptad of Haiku #3


Hi, all! Here’s an upload of some new haiku to hopefully entertain you. I aspire to do another non-heptad post between now and Sunday. Also, if all works out well, I should hopefully have a new painting to feature on the Heptad of Haiku articles either on my next posting or the one following 😉 For now, please feel free to enjoy these poems which may be found at hitrecord and, if you’re a member, feel free to upload a few of your own! Cheers 🙂

Light motes castellate

the window blinds and remind

me Sun reigns outside.

Heat covers the face

of the Earth like a beard… and

it does not suit Her!

The last rays of sun

wreck behind bottomless clouds

— night is left like tread.

Inside the tree trunk

where lightning once struck, mushrooms

compose a new spine.

The Wind combs fingers

through my long hair and I comb

her fingerprints out.

The flock of flying

birds become whiskers growing

on the chins of clouds.

A bird in flight writes

letters in its lifetime that

mankind cannot read.


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Heptad of Haiku #2


These and other haiku may be found at hitrecord. Feel free to contribute work of your own if you’re a member of the website and have appropriate RECords!

Heat is the South’s snow.

The year is bound by blizzards,

ours invisible.

To understand what

fueled God during creation,

paint sky and a wave.

The trees play a prank:

they nod their heads the wind is

cool – it’s a lie.

No storm, but its hues

drape by nape of gaping light,

cape to pale-necked sky.

Filled with hot ink the

horizon folds making clouds


Inside the flowers

are blue and yellow bulbs night

cannot extinguish.

Every tall grass

is tombstone to a seed, but

is also its child.


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Short Breath for Longwinded Wednesdays #2

clocks tunne

Mimi stops talking for a second. It’s just a second but it’s a very sweet second. I think as many thoughts as I can before she starts talking again so that the second seems longer.

As I contemplated the concept of a “sweet second”, I found myself wondering if there is a new lesson here that I need to teach anyone. I realize a blog isn’t all about being didactic. In fact, some might say it’s best to steer away from the aura of mentorship altogether and focus on being entertaining. I’ve never felt the two had to be or should be exclusive though and, with regards to my own tactics of expression, I’ve more often than not felt I was being most respectful to an audience if while sharing an opinion I strove to grant insight while simultaneously grabbing for attention in a creative, interesting manner.

Anyway, that’s another blog. We’ve still that “sweet second” to talk about…

You know the “sweet second” yourself. I don’t have to introduce you. It isn’t truncating a Noah’s ark’s worth of thoughts into a single temporal space of time. Rather we usually know it as an actual “moment”, a sequence of consecutive temporal events which all seem to form a contiguous conglomerate of action. It is both the loud concert from a week ago and the silence in the car. It’s the cheering in the stadium and the hush over the golf green. It’s the dying of thirst on a long, long walk and the first sip of refreshing water when you finally get a drink.

The sweet second has a thousand faces and we recognize them all.

So, given I already know that you’re as familiar with the Sweet Second as am I, what do I have to offer you regarding it that no other person does? What is my special revelation about the Sweet Second?

My revelation is not especially new to humanity, but it is an observation that has rewarded me much so far as I’ve applied it to my own experiences. In case you didn’t know it… ALL seconds are sweet seconds and seconds don’t really have a thousand faces… they have ONE really long, ever transforming expression!

Everything that happened between the concert and the silence in the car was a sweet second. Everything between the stadium and the green. Everything between thirst and the drink.

This is important. Don’t. Miss. Your seconds.

When you learn to savor your seconds and not just your moments, you are learning to savor your part in infinity and (maybe even by extension) infinity itself. This is the practice of understanding the connection between the first breath you took and the last one you expect to take. It grounds you in the past, in the present, and in the future, and, by golly, is likely the closest you’re ever going to get to omnipresence while on this rotating ball of mud.

Appreciate infinity. Appreciate your seconds. Know that all things can be and are best apprehended when viewed as being… “Sweet!”

Speaking of sweet, here are some sweet quotes from Joe Joe Joe by Peasant:

  • [Mimi stops talking for a second. It’s just a second but it’s a very sweet second. I think as many thoughts as I can before she starts talking again so that the second seems longer.]
  • “An interruption is like a road block. That’s what Frankie says. And I didn’t stop your sentence. I got it where it was going sooner so I’d like you to thank me” Joe
  • [her eyebrows cuddle up close to each other]
  • [if my mouth corners were pointing up, Mimi would be able to say that I was being sarcastic. I don’t know what exactly mouth corners have to do with being sarcastic, but I know I’m never sarcastic. It means you’ve said something that means the opposite of what you said.]
  • “Whites don’t fit like jeans.” Joe

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Heptad of Haiku #1

20140816_223957A heptad is a group of seven objects. WordPress doesn’t believe me, but dictionary.com does, so you can, too. As I like alliteration and have recently found myself writing haiku daily, I thought that I’d share my most current crop of poems with you. My hope is that even as I take time to do my Quonans and other posts, this will be something which you’ll get a chance to look at on a more frequent basis. I hope you enjoy them!

We see the Day by

sun, the Night by darkness, and

Life by perspective.


Hummingbirds find the

feeder in the rain and have

no fear of drowning.


The cloud cooled day has

covered the Earth – a damp rag

on a thankful brow.


Jagged tides of sky

threaten white flood. God halts it.

But beauty still stuns.


Our emergency

lights are more visible than

the cloaked lightning’s flash


If the sky is a

pond, which are its lillypads:

the clouds or the stars?


The sun holds hands with

a tree’s nude fingers; their white

knuckles glow like glass