20140816_223957A heptad is a group of seven objects. WordPress doesn’t believe me, but dictionary.com does, so you can, too. As I like alliteration and have recently found myself writing haiku daily, I thought that I’d share my most current crop of poems with you. My hope is that even as I take time to do my Quonans and other posts, this will be something which you’ll get a chance to look at on a more frequent basis. I hope you enjoy them!

We see the Day by

sun, the Night by darkness, and

Life by perspective.


Hummingbirds find the

feeder in the rain and have

no fear of drowning.


The cloud cooled day has

covered the Earth – a damp rag

on a thankful brow.


Jagged tides of sky

threaten white flood. God halts it.

But beauty still stuns.


Our emergency

lights are more visible than

the cloaked lightning’s flash


If the sky is a

pond, which are its lillypads:

the clouds or the stars?


The sun holds hands with

a tree’s nude fingers; their white

knuckles glow like glass