Hi, all! Here’s an upload of some new haiku to hopefully entertain you. I aspire to do another non-heptad post between now and Sunday. Also, if all works out well, I should hopefully have a new painting to feature on the Heptad of Haiku articles either on my next posting or the one following 😉 For now, please feel free to enjoy these poems which may be found at hitrecord and, if you’re a member, feel free to upload a few of your own! Cheers 🙂

Light motes castellate

the window blinds and remind

me Sun reigns outside.

Heat covers the face

of the Earth like a beard… and

it does not suit Her!

The last rays of sun

wreck behind bottomless clouds

— night is left like tread.

Inside the tree trunk

where lightning once struck, mushrooms

compose a new spine.

The Wind combs fingers

through my long hair and I comb

her fingerprints out.

The flock of flying

birds become whiskers growing

on the chins of clouds.

A bird in flight writes

letters in its lifetime that

mankind cannot read.


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