“That is as close a call as I’ve had in a life no-ways tame.” – Conan

I’m a daydreamer. I think a rich fantasy life is healthy. It creates an atmosphere of freedom in which the individual can ponder, calculate and find an almost metaphysical kind of liberation from the rules of reality. You can explore the wealth of the human thought no different than taking a road in a yellow wood.

My real world life is an amalgam of managed excitements. I am a fan of the simple adventure, of searching for the thrills found in buying candy out of all the quarter dispensers in a barber shop or popping into a tobacco store just to look at the pipes (even though I don’t smoke). Walking streets I’ve driven down many times brings a new perspective that I consider a treasure. I will try new classes, go to random events, watch tutorials online: anything that seems interesting is interesting and that which doesn’t has a vantage of interest waiting to be discovered. My real life is composed of small adventures whose costs are low and returns are high.

My internal reality, however, is a life no-ways tame.

In that world, I can meet God face-to-face and not get burnt. In that world I have created many men and women with stories tragic and comedic. I’ve been in wars and taken lives. I’ve backtracked on my thoughts, returning lives to those phantoms which had died. I’ve looked beyond my own death and seen what life was like for those left behind and for those descended from them. I have touched the wilderness of my own consciousness and set out with a sack on a staff like any good vagabond to see what lay on the other side of that dense, dark, beautiful continent.

There are seas and landmasses I have yet to travel upon in my spirit and, if and when I do, I look forward to encountering the environments and finding the people who populate those corners of my soul, too.

You, like me, have your own expanse to conquer. We are all worlds of our own, untamed, complete universes of experience intended for our personal plumbing.

Perhaps one of the reasons I’ve gravitated towards the Conan series is because the landscape of its setting is as epic as the ones I tramp through when I have free moments, car rides, dreams, or pause between paragraphs in a book. As epic as the ones I envision you having. I encourage you to explore yourself, to learn the totality of your own experience and to remember that the adventures you have in your own head are the ones which build the character you exhibit in the terrestrial world.

Living in the wastelands of your mind prepares you for the wastelands of the world we share. So, go forth outlander, find your adventures and then pierce through the shroud which separates imagination and reality to share the bounty of your travels with us all.

Safe journeys, friends!

Now for the rest of the quotes I enjoyed from the fourth issue of Conan:

  • “There is always a way if the desire be coupled with courage.” Conan
  • “Whatever gods Yara may sacrifice to, they are not mine. Great Crom lies on a mountain – and little he cares for what men do with their tiny lives.” Conan
  • “That is as close a call as I’ve had in a life no-ways tame.” Conan
  • “Now climb! Men say that Yara has lived for centuries because of the Elephant’s Heart gem… but even he cannot wait forever for us to come steal it!” Taurus
  • “By fire and rack he mastered me…” Yag-Kosha