I spent a little time waiting on posting this next Heptad because I wanted to make sure I put up content of another kind first. This was meant to be something to help give me regular content over short spurts of inactivity on the other blog types, not to be used as an excuse not to produce other work (which is what I was worried I’d started doing). So, now that I have posted one more Quonan, I will reveal a new set of Heptads 🙂 Hope you enjoy!

Fence of trees: Nature’s

gesture to divide Earth and

Sky… but not sunlight.


The arch of your frame;

the arc of my neurons as

they notice; the same.


Lost. Lips a solid

line, straight-faced horizon gives

no clues to find out.


The sky is a blue-

grey-purple bloom atop a

long lightning bolt stem.


Mosquito tracks in

the steam: faint and flitting as

the stamp of breathing.


Lightning’s the bristles

of the brush God uses to

paint the storming sky!


Night is not the start

of dark; it’s the place from whence

Sun begins to spark.

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