Hoping to have another Quonans post up for you this week. I’ve also been considering adding two other kinds of articles, but haven’t yet decided if I would like to integrate them into my haphazard rotation. However, keep an eye out to see if there’s anything added to the mix of my typical blog shticks! In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this next heptad 😉

The moss wafts like light

upon stained glass – trunks become

chapels in morass.


What scars I have – my

face, my feet – a primitive

beauty, story-steeped.


The acorn shaped moon

makes me wonder if the sky

is made out of oak.


Square sheet of paper:

You are more precise than I

– teach me your talents!


God saw your future

eyes in the shine of fledgling

light on the first fields.


Counting up what’s good

in Life is like counting down

your losses ‘til Death.


Strike a match. The sound

of the scratch as it catches

fire burns your ears.