I have already began my next article, but not had the opportunity to finish it (I’ve started a larger writing project and that has required more of my time, but that’s not really an excuse for not writing entries). That aside though, I am in the position to post some poems, so post some poems I will do 🙂 Here’s the next Heptad!

Texture: Water and

Rock bound in brown and white, made

same by trick of light.


God taps the blank, black

universe with His chalk as

He thinks – stars come out.


Dawn crashes out clouds

like Solo being released

from carbonite freeze.


Stomach rumbling, the

storm pants ‘pon the glass door and

drools from frothing jaws.


I am worried and

shouldn’t be because there’s a

day after midnight.


How warm the soup is.

Warmer than the setting sun.

Warmer than your heart.


Noon heat. Trees threw down

shadows shaped like triumph the

Sun wilted beneath.

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