Huh? What’s THAT?!

As you look at the “Categories” you might see a few that don’t make sense right off to you if you’re unfamiliar with the content of my blog. That being the case, I thought I’d give you a glossary of any category titles which you probably couldn’t find in a dictionary. Here you are!

Heptad of Haiku

In hopes of having something I can post on a weekly basis, I’ve introduced the “Heptad of Haiku”. It’s a short spread of haiku that I’ve written, totaling seven pieces in all. They’re compact, quick reads which grant me not only practice at space conservation, but a reason to take note of the interesting things I see around me that the universe has provided. I hope I portray them well enough you can appreciate them, as well.

Longwinded Wednesdays:

On a site called hitrecord, I have tried to spark interest in reading long text works (easily put aside because there’s a lot of artwork there which doesn’t require the same amount of time as reading to interact with). As part of my efforts to get people to read, I started something called “Longwinded Wednesdays”. On my blog, I do entries that I call “Short Breaths” in which I highlight a long piece that I read as part of my own Longwinded Wednesday pursuits. These blogs will include quotes from the verbiage of the original piece as well as a blog ramble that the piece inspired.


As a pastime I collect Marvel comics that have to do with Conan the Barbarian. I finished my major collection finally and while celebrating it a friend asked that I keep a record of any good quotes I found. I discovered that there are a lot of great quotes in the comics and interesting word choices, even on occasion a word that is new to me. So, I’m sharing those pieces of literary uniqueness with you on here. In addition to the quotes and such, I will also be including an entry which one of the quotes inspired me to write.


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